About us

Showcasing how each child or youth is wonderful in their own way is our first step in finding them permanency.

Man and woman holding kites with the words bravery, trust, optimism, vulnerability, and hope written on them.

We approach each recruitment with undaunted enthusiasm and follow through, including highly personalized worker support.

In 2010, we launched the first and only professional adoption exchange exclusively serving Oregon's children and families. Since then, we have continued to respond intentionally and diligently to the field's evolving best practices.

We are adamant that there truly is a permanent family out there for each Oregon child or youth waiting in foster care.

Oregon Adoption Resource Exchange (OARE) is a program of Northwest Resource Associates. Learn more about our agency's vision, mission and commitment to equity here.

Our staff

Kendra Morris-Jacobson, MA
Director of Oregon Programs -
OARE Program Manager

Maya Bartel, PhD
Data & Reporting Manager