Welcome Oregon caseworkers

When it comes to our state’s children and youth, we step up and lean in to find them permanency...together.

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Child caseworker champions

Every day you are heroes for your children and youth. It's heartbreaking, but we know that amidst the grief & loss, recruitment can offer hope.

Contact us for tips & support for how to make the most of your recruitment. We've always got ideas and encouragement to offer! Access the latest bulletin form here.

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Oregon family caseworkers

You care deeply for your families. We appreciate your determination to find skilled parents who can compassionately commit to Oregon's kids.

Helping your families use OARE is easy:

  1. Send us an email to preauthorize your family.
  2. Help your family create & submit a Family Profile Form & en español.
  3. We then invite your family to apply on OARE.

PS - Notify us when your family gets matched! (So we can help celebrate and send them their post-placement support packet!)

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