In-Depth Profiles

Collaborative projects that empower youth to speak directly to adoptive families.

If you're an authorized OARE user, you may have noticed some new additions to our website lately - In-Depth Profiles! We've partnered with our friends at Northwest Adoption Exchange to bring these collaborative, youth-driven projects to Oregon for a limited time.

So, what are In-Depth Profiles?

In-Depth Profiles are creative storytelling projects that engage older youth in foster care to be directly involved in finding their adoptive family. Featured alongside all of the youth we share on OARE, In-Depth Profiles are a unique opportunity for youth to share directly with families interested in adopting. Each youth with an In-Depth Profile has collaborated one-on-one with OARE staff to ensure that families hear straight from them, in their own words. Read more about In-Depth Profiles here.

If you are already an authorized OARE user, log in and select the "In-Depth Profile" filter on our Meet Children page to browse completed In-Depth Profiles. If you don't have full access to the OARE site, we invite you to check out Ben, Aleena, and Kaylie's In-Depth Profiles featured on Northwest Adoption Exchange!