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Welcome Families!

Our OARE website offers you an online introduction to Oregon’s foster children waiting for adoptive homes. OARE is a wonderful resource that connects children and families together.

Our password-protected site features photo and profile galleries of waiting children and prospective adoptive families in Oregon. Adoption caseworkers utilize the OARE website to match children with in-state families.

There are hundreds of Oregon foster children in need of adoptive homes. Many of these children could benefit from staying in their home state. As an Oregon family, we invite you to consider adopting an Oregon waiting child.

How can I view waiting children?

Families must have a login account and a current, active and approved Oregon adoption homestudy in order to view OARE's waiting child pages. Please visit our login page for more information.

Why is OARE a password protected site?

Many children on OARE might not yet be legally free, or might have other reasons for limited publicity. In order to protect the privacy of featured children, access to OARE is monitored carefully, and limited to approved users.

How can I inquire about children I see on OARE?

Talk to your caseworker. Oregon is a "caseworker to caseworker" state. Your family worker will contact a child's caseworker for you.

Why do some children have an "On Hold" status?

Caseworkers put children "On Hold" when they are no longer able to accept homestudies, even if temporarily. Children go "On Hold" for many reasons including: a family has been found but not officially matched; a child's adoption plan is changing; a child has an unusual situation that is delaying recruitment; there are legal matters delaying recruitment; etc.

What if a child’s profile "disappears" from the website?

Caseworkers remove a child's profile when a child is moving into an adoptive placement, or a child's adoption plan has been officially changed.

New to the adoption process? Visit Oregon DHS or Northwest Adoption Exchange to learn how to get started, and to view additional waiting children in Alaska, Idaho and Washington.

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