Recruit for Kids with these Helpful Tips

OARE gives Oregon children in foster care a greater chance of finding adoptive families in their home state. The following tips and information will help guide you through OARE's registration process.

Which children should I submit a bulletin application for?

Children who are legally free:

  • With a court-approved, permanency plan for adoption.
  • For whom there is a not an approved resource and/or kith or kin already identified and being strongly considered.

Or, not yet legally free, but one of the following:

  • There is a concurrent plan of adoption.
  • The Legal Assistance Specialist has approved early recruitment.

How do I write a bulletin?

The following offer bulletin writing tips:

Need a bulletin application?

Download an Oregon DHS bulletin application - type 425 into the search field.

Where do I submit the child’s bulletin once I have written it?

Email completed bulletin applications with multiple photos to Beckie Jackson at

Central Office will submit the bulletin directly to OARE for you. OARE will contact you via email to let you know your bulletin has been received & posted; and to give you further OARE instructions.

What will a child’s bulletin/profile page look like online?

A child’s page will feature:

  • The child’s first name only
  • One to three photo(s) and your bulletin profile edited by OARE staff
  • The child’s gender, race, culture and month/year of birth (i.e. 9/1998)
  • Your caseworker contact information *

* (Note: Caseworker information will only be visible to other workers, not to families)

When should I also consider listing a child on the Northwest Adoption Exchange (NWAE)?

When a child is over age 6; or has unusually significant needs or severe medical issues; or is part of a larger sibling group; or is a minority.

Give us your best shot.

We appreciate good photos.

Email us at least one (ideally three) clear "head & shoulders" photos. We can also feature professional videos from Wednesday's Child, etc.

Stay in touch.

We work with caseworkers to update profiles as frequently as possible.

Contact us right away if the child’s situation or status changes so we can edit or alter their profile. If you need to stop accepting homestudies, even temporarily, we can change the status from "Active" to "On Hold" while leaving the child’s profile online.

Found an adoptive family?

Congratulations – let us know!

Please notify us when the child is placed with an adoptive family so we can help you celebrate and remove the child's OARE listing.

Still unsure if a child should be featured on OARE (or NWAE)?

Let's talk.

Contact us so we can discuss your case.

Please login now. We look forward to working with you!

Contact us anytime: at 1-855-445-1013 or at

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